When is a City-Ticket included in the super saver fare?

Passengers who purchase a super saver fare can also use the City-Ticket. It is now issued as an add-on to the super saver fare, depending on your connection.
When booking a super saver fare, the City-Ticket will be available separately for a fee depending on the specific departure or destination stop. This is subject to the following conditions:

  • The departure or destination stop is in one of the approximately 130 City-Ticket towns and cities
  • Your booking includes a journey to or from the long-distance service within the City-Ticket area using local transport

If you indicate in your booking enquiry that you only need DB long-distance trains (e.g. from Cologne Main Station to Berlin Central) and do not require a transfer within the City-Ticket area using local transport, the saver fare ticket will be issued without a City-Ticket.

The super saver fare promotion is only offered on long-distance trains (ICE, IC/EC) and is not available with a City-Ticket.