Stay up-to-date and discover the digital future of travel with the DB Navigator

The DB Navigator app is your digital travel companion in an intuitive and modern design that now also offers dark mode. Whether you are travelling alone, with your family, in a group, with your bike or with your dog, the improved booking system lets you find the right ticket quickly and easily. Discover new and improved functions like the new journey preview, commuter widget and optimised travel notifications.

The DB Navigator has been converted to a new sales system

The DB Navigator has the right service for you in every situation:

  • Digital tickets: book tickets for train, underground, tram and bus services until shortly before departure.
  • Best price search: always find the cheapest tickets.
  • Demand indicator: check how full your train will be.
  • Digital travel companion: always stay up to date, with travel notifications, the new journey preview and the commuter widget.
  • Train information: in addition to the entire journey, you will also find the current coach sequence of your train here.
  • Komfort Check-in: check into your seat and skip the ticket inspection.

Functions of the app:

  • Reserve seat only (without ticket)

    You already have a ticket and would now like to reserve a seat? To do this, select the option "Seat only (without ticket)" in the drop-down list at the top left of the DB Navigator app home page. You can then search for the connection for which you would like to reserve a seat in the journey planner as usual. Select the desired train connection and complete the booking process.

  • My favourites

    For a faster and easier connection search, you can now save your regularly used route as a route favourite in the app in addition to stops and addresses. To do this, click on "Add favourite", for example, and create your desired route with start and destination. The connection is then saved with the options you have selected so that you do not have to enter them again later. Alternatively, you can also save route favourites in the connection overview via the "star symbol" or create, edit and delete them via your profile page.

    Note: The route favourites are deleted after logging in and out.

  • Area map with stops in the vicinity

    The integrated map provides better orientation in the surrounding area. This can be called up via the map symbol at the top right of the DB Navigator app home page.

    In addition to your own location, the area map shows which stops and stations are nearby as well as the respective departure and arrival boards.

    Note: Additional functions will be added to the map over time to make your journey from A to B even easier.

  • Customize changeover time

    You can customize your transfer time in the connection search. To have more time when transferring, click on "Options" and select the desired number of minutes under "Transfer time". This will then be taken into account in the connection search.

  • Connection search

    In the connection search, enter the start and end point of the journey and select the date and time of travel. Under "Passengers, bicycles" you can choose 1st or 2nd class and also add other passengers for whom you may need a ticket, such as an adult, a dog or a bicycle. Discounts are also taken into account there if you wish.

    In addition to ICE and Intercity trains, the connection search will also show you underground trains, suburban trains, trams and buses. If you have entered an address in the search, you will be shown the nearest stop that you can reach on foot.

    You can further customize your trip via the "Options".

  • Book tickets online or via app

    With the DB Navigator, you always have your ticket with you.

    • Book your long-distance ticket up to 10 minutes after departure (even if delayed).
    • Book your local transport ticket until shortly before departure. You can see which networks and regional offers are available in the DB Navigator app on the start page of the app under "Tickets & offers".
    • Pay conveniently by credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, direct debit or giropay.
    • Book trips for individuals as well as for large groups.
    • Carry out the ticket check yourself with the Komfort Check-in.
    Further information: Book tickets online or via app
  • Best price search

    With our best price search, you will always find a cheap ticket for your journey.

    Further information: Best price search
  • Demand indicator

    With the seat occupancy information, you can consider in advance whether, for example, you would prefer to reserve a seat or switch to another connection. To do this, enter your desired connection in the travel information and click on "Search".

    Further information: Demand indicator
  • Digital travel assistance

    Benefit from the digital travel companion with the trip preview, trip notifications and the Remember journey function. The trip preview provides you with information about the different stages of your current trip as well as recommendations for action in real time. You can use the Remember journey function to save a connection even without booking a ticket.

    In DB Navigator, you can now also set up digital travel assistance for regularly used connections.

  • Current coach sequence

    The "Train information" button in the connection details and in the journey preview takes you to the entire journey of the train. You can access the current wagon sequence by clicking on the "Wagon sequence" tab. This way, you will know on the day of travel before your ICE, IC or EC arrives in which area of the track your carriage will stop.

  • Self Check-in

    Board, check in and sit back. With the digital Komfort Check-in service, you can travel without ticket inspection. Note: The Komfort Check-in in the DB Navigator is only available if you have booked the ticket in the DB Navigator.

    Further information: Self Check-in
  • Alternative travel options

    Missed your train? You can view all alternative connections including a detailed route description and the departure time of your planned journey. 

  • Bicycle transport in long-distance traffic

    You would like to travel with your bicycle? Then simply book your ticket and the bicycle ticket including the corresponding bicycle space reservation for long-distance transport in the app. You can also book the card separately afterwards.

    Add the traveller "Bicycle" in the travel information under "Travellers, Bicycles" by tapping on a traveller and then switching to the type "Bicycle".

  • Take several reductions into account

    Do you have several discount cards? If possible, the DB Navigator combines the discount cards or automatically selects the optimum discount for your journey. You can specify up to 4 discount cards for one person travelling.

  • The app in dark mode

    The DB Navigator not only impresses with its bright design, but also in dark mode. Dark mode can be activated in the "Profile" menu area in the "Settings" under "Appearance". Alternatively, dark mode can be set in the smartphone's system settings.