Frequently asked questions about the terms of use for your private customer account

Answers to FAQs

We always want to provide you with easy, convenient and personal access to passenger transport services. That is why we have combined the customer information that was previously stored individually by DB Vertrieb, DB Fernverkehr and DB Regio in the existing customer account, insofar as this is necessary for the provision of the respective services. The customer account provides exactly the stored data you need, depending on the service, offer and channel. The terms of use govern the rights and obligations of the contracting parties, i.e. between the DB passenger transport companies (DB Vertrieb, DB Fernverkehr, DB Regio) and you as a customer. The terms describe the following points:

  • What is the purpose of the customer account?
  • What are these terms of use for?
  • How do you get a customer account?
  • What does the customer account offer you?
  • What is the availability of the customer account?
  • What happens to your data?
  • How can you end your participation in the customer account?
  • How is liability regulated?
  • How are these terms of use changed?
  • Which law is applicable and which court has jurisdiction?

You can find answers to these questions directly in the customer account terms of use


You can access the customer account via your preferred channel as usual. This can be the DB Navigator app or the website 

The customer account remains free of charge and you can cancel your account at any time without notice, as long as no existing contracts prevent this (such as an active BahnCard).

No, you can still use various Deutsche Bahn passenger transport services without a customer account and book tickets on next.bahn/, for example.

The customer account initially contains your master data, i.e. name and address(es). In addition, you have the option to save the preferred payment method. Any further data storage depends on the services and offers used. For example, you can view bookings that you have made while logged in, save frequently used connections or get an overview of your BahnCards. You can also register for the BahnBonus programme. In addition, you can view your current bonus and status points balance.

You can find further information in our privacy statement

DB Vertrieb, DB Fernverkehr and DB Regio are jointly responsible for processing your data. These companies are joint controllers according to Art. 26 GDPR. The parties have formally agreed which of them complies with the obligations arising from GDPR. Independently of this, you can make a claim based on your rights against the aforementioned contracting parties at any time. Depending on who you write to, your request will be forwarded to the person responsible for providing the service you are using. As a result, you may receive an answer from the relevant DB service unit instead of us. To exercise your rights relating to your customer account, simply contact us at the following address:

DB Vertrieb GmbH
DB Tower
Europa-Allee 78-84
60486 Frankfurt
or via  E-Mail

You can find further information in our privacy statement.

Your data stored in the customer account will only be used within the framework of the legal provisions, and exclusively for the functions and services of the customer account that you use. Several DB companies may be involved in the provision of the respective functions and services. Data will only be passed on to third parties if this is absolutely necessary. Further information can be found in our privacy statement

You can view your data in your customer account. This includes, for example, your master data (name, addresses and stored payment data), purchased tickets, BahnCards or any advertising consent you may have given. For complete data information, you are welcome to contact the persons indicated in our privacy statement.


Use of the customer account is only possible with the valid terms of use. If you do not wish to accept the customer account terms of use, you can delete your customer account. If there are still contracts in place, you must wait until their term has ended.
If you no longer log in to your account, we can automatically terminate it after 24 months of inactivity.

You will still be able to use numerous Deutsche Bahn services, such as buying a ticket, without a customer account.
Convenience functions in particular can only be offered if the data required for them is stored, however. These include things like faster booking, which requires the storage of payment data, as well as redeeming vouchers or accessing your BahnBonus loyalty points online.

If you have purchased your BahnCard with a customer account, it is automatically stored in your customer account. Alternatively, you can also add a BahnCard to your customer account at a later date.

Provided you were logged in to the DB Navigator app or when you purchased your ticket, you can also request a cancellation or refund via your customer account. To do this, access the digital ticket via the booking history ("My last bookings"). More information on refunds and cancellations can be found in our conditions of carriage.

No, your points do not expire. But you will no longer be able to view or redeem your points online. You can of course still use the services via the service centre.