Flexible international travel with the flexible fare Europe

The flexible fare Europe gives you the flexibility to choose which train you want to travel on across borders on your day of travel at any time.


  • You can choose any train within the validity period (except for trains requiring reservations).
  • For trains requiring reservations, you will automatically receive your seat reservation free of charge when you book your ticket.
  • You can also make a stopover before continuing to your destination.
  • You can cancel (exchange or refund) your ticket free of charge before the first day of validity of the outward journey.
  • The City-Ticket is now also included in 130 German cities when travelling over 100 kilometres.

Frequently asked questions about the flexible fare Europe

You can reserve a seat on any long-distance train. This costs EUR 4.90 in second class and EUR 5.90 in first class.

A free reservation is included when booking a first class ticket on the following trains:

  • All long-distance trains within Germany.
  • Long-distance cross-border trains, up to the station where you get off or change trains abroad.

If you change trains abroad, you will pay EUR 4.90 for second class and EUR 5.90 for first class seat reservations on subsequent trains.

Trains requiring seat reservations:
For trains requiring reservations, you will receive your seat reservation free of charge when you book your ticket. If you buy the reservation later, you will pay EUR 4.90 for the seat in second class and EUR 5.90 in first class.

Reservations are compulsory on some international services. If so, the reservation will already be included free of charge in the ticket price. Reservations are required in the following trains:

  • High-speed trains (ICE and TGV) to France (Paris and Marseille)
  • Trains to Sweden
  • Trains to Italy
  • Trains to Poland

Please note that you cannot travel on trains requiring reservations without a reservation, even if you have already purchased a flexible fare ticket including a reservation for another train.

If you have already bought a flexible fare ticket without a reservation at the ticket counter, you must book the seat reservation separately. This costs EUR 4.90 in second class and EUR 5.90 in first class.

Most trains can be booked up to 6 months before the day of travel and until shortly before the train's departure. This period may be shorter in the time before timetable changes or when booking foreign trains.

You will receive a RAILPLUS discount for the foreign section of a flexible fare in the following European countries:

Bulgaria, Czechia, Luxembourg, Romania, Republic of Ireland, Denmark, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, North Macedonia, Norway, Austria, Greece, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Serbia, Slovenia, Italy, Finland, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Republika Srpska in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Slovakia.

Note: In certain countries, RAILPLUS tickets are accepted but are not on sale locally. We therefore recommend buying your tickets for the return journey in Germany.

Our system automatically applies the discount during booking.

If you have a BahnCard for travel in second class, you can only book RAILCLASS fares for second class.

The discount applies only to cross-border travel. There is no discount if your journey is exclusively within one country outside of Germany.

The International Union of Railways (UIC) will withdraw its RAILPLUS service from the market from December 2023. You will continue to receive the discount for international travel until then.

Children up to 3 years of age always travel free of charge and do not need to be indicated when booking.

Children under the age of 6 always travel free of charge on the German section of the journey and do not have to be specified when booking. Children under the age of 6 travel free of charge on the foreign section of the journey to Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Luxembourg, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden and Switzerland. 

Children aged 6-14 travel free of charge on the German and foreign sections of the journey when accompanied by someone aged 15 or over. However, they must be indicated in the booking. The ticket holder can bring up to four children per ticket. The age on the day of departure applies.

For journeys to France, children pay half the adult fare on the French leg of the journey. 

Note: If you would like to reserve a seat for your child, please indicate the number of children and their corresponding ages when booking. The age on the day of departure applies.


Children travelling on their own or accompanied:
Children pay a reduced fare for the trip from the age of either 4 or 6, depending on the country. Therefore, please indicate their age when booking. The age on the day of departure applies. In some countries, children travelling alone and persons accompanying them must be above a certain age. The next two questions provide more information.

In Germany, children and young people aged 15 and over pay the full fare. Abroad, children and young people pay the full price from the age of 12, 14, 15, 16 or 17, depending on the country:

  • In Finnland ab 17 Jahren
  • In Dänemark, Irland, Nordirland, Norwegen, Schweden und in der Schweiz ab 16 Jahren
  • In Österreich, der Slowakei und Tschechien ab 15 Jahren
  • In Montenegro, Serbien und Ungarn ab 14 Jahren
  • In allen anderen Ländern ab 12 Jahren

Der Preis wird bei der Buchung automatisch berechnet.

Yes. The following minimum ages apply:

  • Belgium: 6 years
  • Bosnia-Herzegovina: 4 years
  • Bulgaria: 10 years
  • Denmark: 6 years
  • Finland: 6 years
  • France: 12 years
  • Greece: 12 years
  • Croatia: 6 years
  • Lithuania: 4 years
  • Luxembourg: 6 years
  • North Macedonia: 4 years
  • Montenegro: 6 years
  • Netherlands: 12 years
  • Norway: 4 years
  • Austria: 6 years
  • Poland: 13 years
  • Republic of Ireland: 4 years
  • Romania: 18 years
  • Sweden: 7 years
  • Switzerland: 6 years
  • Serbia: 6 years
  • Slovakia: 6 years
  • Slovenia: 6 years
  • Spain: 4 years
  • Srpska: 4 years
  • Czechia: 6 years
  • Turkey: 4 years
  • Hungary: 10 years

Yes. The following minimum ages apply to accompanying persons:

  • Belgium: 12 years
  • France: 12 years
  • Italy: 18 years
  • Netherlands: 18 years
  • Poland: 18 years
  • Romania: 18 years
  • Slovakia: 15 years
  • Czechia: 10 years
  • Hungary: 18 years

  • Tickets for international routes of up to 100 kilometres are valid for one day. This applies to both one-way and return tickets.
  • Tickets for international routes of over 100 kilometres are valid for two days. The journey must start on the first day of validity.
    If the outward and return journeys are booked as a single ticket, this ticket is valid for a total of two days. This means you must start the return journey on the same day of the outward journey. We recommend booking one ticket per direction if necessary.
    If the outward and return journeys are booked as two separate tickets, each ticket is valid for two days.

Please note:
If your outward and return journeys are no more than two days apart, you will get one ticket for both journeys.
If your outward and return journeys are more than two days apart, you will receive one ticket for each journey.

The flexible fare Europe allows you to interrupt your journey and continue it later under the following conditions:

  • The outward and return journeys must be made within the validity period of two days stated on the ticket.
  • The validity period of your ticket must not be exceeded.
  • The departure and destination stations must not change.

You can cancel your ticket free of charge up to one day before the day of validity. From the first day of validity, you will pay EUR 19 for the cancellation. You can cancel a flexible fare ticket up to 1 month after the period of validity.

You can cancel your digital ticket free of charge within a period of 12 hours (720 minutes) after purchase, regardless of the specific offer's terms and conditions. Payment will be refunded in full.