Do I get a discount abroad with the BahnCard?

You will receive a RAILPLUS discount for the foreign section of a flexible fare in the following European countries:

Bulgaria, Czechia, Luxembourg, Romania, Republic of Ireland, Denmark, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, North Macedonia, Norway, Austria, Greece, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Serbia, Slovenia, Italy, Finland, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Republika Srpska in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Slovakia.

Note: In certain countries, RAILPLUS tickets are accepted but are not on sale locally. We therefore recommend buying your tickets for the return journey in Germany.

Our system automatically applies the discount during booking.

If you have a BahnCard for travel in second class, you can only book RAILCLASS fares for second class.

The discount applies only to cross-border travel. There is no discount if your journey is exclusively within one country outside of Germany.

The International Union of Railways (UIC) will withdraw its RAILPLUS service from the market from December 2023. You will continue to receive the discount for international travel until then.