For everyone under 27: the saver fare ticket for young people

Affordable and flexible travel within Germany from EUR 16.90.


  • City-Ticket included
  • 25% discount with the BahnCard 25 or BahnCard 50
  • Now available in the app
From EUR 16.90

Frequently asked questions about the saver fare ticket for young people

Depending on availability, a one-way saver fare ticket for young people for 2nd class can cost as little as EUR 16.90.

Information on the saver fare ticket for young people has been available in our regular travel information since 12 December 2021. This new ticket is for customers up to and including 26 years of age, so we have introduced a new passenger type. The offering is available along with all of the other ticket types listed for passengers aged 15-26. This also applies to the app.

Eligibility is based on the passenger's age on the first day of travel. Train attendants check the passenger's age.

Saver fare tickets for young people can be cancelled up to one day before departure for a processing fee of EUR 10. We issue as a refund a voucher that is valid for 3 years. It is not possible to cancel a ticket on or after the day of travel.

To cancel your saver fare ticket, go to your most recent bookings in your "My Bahn" account or use the order search function. Once you have cancelled a ticket, you can then book a new one in the usual way.

Instant cancellation

You can cancel your digital ticket free of charge within a period of 12 hours (720 minutes) after purchase regardless of the specific offer's terms and conditions. Payment will be refunded in full.

  • Children up to 5 years of age always travel free of charge and do not need to be indicated when booking.
  • Children aged 6-14 travel free of charge when accompanied by a person aged 15 or over. However, they must be indicated in the booking. The ticket holder can bring up to four children per ticket.

Yes, the ticket is available for children and young adults aged 26 and under (eligibility is based on age on first day of travel).

The offer can be purchased up to 180 days before the day you want to travel.

If you have a saver fare ticket for young people, you may only use the connection indicated on your ticket. Saver fare tickets for young people are available for ICE and IC/EC services within Germany. You can use local trains (e.g. RE, RB, IRE, S-Bahn and non-DB trains) to get to/from a railway station if you include them in your booking. You are not restricted to travelling on a specific train when using local rail services. However, your journey must be completed by 10:00 am of the following day.

A BahnCard 25 or 50 gets you a 25% discount. Click here for BahnCards for young travellers.

A saver fare ticket for young people for a journey over 100 km includes a City-Ticket. If "+City" is shown on your ticket, you know that the City-Ticket option covers your start and destination stations.