Lost & found service

Have you lost or found something on the train or at the station? The Deutsche Bahn lost & found service can help. You can contact us in various ways.

Please note the following when submitting your loss report:

  • Please submit only one loss report
  • Describe your object as precisely as possible.
  • Check the suggested items displayed. If your lost item is displayed, please follow the instructions.
  • As soon as your item has been found, we will let you know.
  • Please note that there is a handling fee for collecting or sending a lost item.

Reporting your loss online

Our service staff at the stations will be happy to help. You can also report your loss to DB Information.

Frequently asked questions about the lost & found service

Please bear in mind that lost items may not "arrive" with us until several hours or a couple of days after you have lost them, when the train reaches its final stop.

If your lost item has an estimated value of more than EUR 15, you can report your loss online here on the page. This regulation does not apply to items with intangible value (e.g. photo albums, signed books with dedication, etc.).

You can then immediately see whether an item matching your description has been found via the DB InfraGO AG lost & found service database.

We will search for the lost item for you for four weeks and inform you as soon as the search has been successful. If we are unable to find your item after four weeks, we will stop looking for it. Please note that we will not notify you of this.

Lost property with a current market value estimated by us to be less than EUR 15 and with no recognisable intangible value is not recorded in our lost property platform.

In this case, please inquire at the lost property office at the station whether your item was handed in there.

You can find the list of lost property offices here on the page.

We will look for your lost item for up to 4 weeks and will inform you immediately if we find it.
If we were unable to find your item after 4 weeks, we will stop looking for it. Please note that we will not notify you of this.

Please submit your loss notice online as soon as possible.

You can regain possession of your item in two ways:

  • You can collect it in person from the storage location. When collecting lost property in person, you must present an official identification document (e.g. identity card, passport). 
  • You can have the item sent to you

In both cases we charge a handling fee. The amount depends on the type of return (collection/shipping) and the duration of storage. More information about this can be found under the section "Do I have to pay anything?" 

We charge a handling fee for sorting and storing lost property. The amount depends on the method of return (pick-up or postal delivery) and the time the item was stored at the lost & found office.

  • Pick-up from a lost & found office: EUR 5 handling fee
  • Pick-up from the central lost & found office in Wuppertal: EUR 15 handling fee
  • Delivery by post: EUR 20 (including postage and packing)
  • Delivery by post from the central lost & found office:
    EUR 35 (including postage, packing and handling fee of EUR 15)
  • International shipping:
    For international shipping, the postage for the corresponding country will be added to the above postage.
  • Dispatch from the lost & found office by ic:kurier:
    In particularly urgent cases, we can send you your item by ic:kurier. These parcels are dispatched immediately by courier and are delivered to you the next day at the latest, usually the same day. The current ic:kurier rates apply.
  • Free delivery by train:
    This service is provided exclusively at the discretion of the respective railway company for items that are absolutely necessary for the continuation of the journey (e.g. passports, vital medication). In such a case you are required to release us from liability. The corresponding forms are available from our service staff at the station.

On this page you will find a list of all our lost & found offices Germany, including their opening hours. The lost & found offices are always located inside the station.

Our lost & found service is responsible for trains operated by the following rail companies:

Trains operated by Abellio Rail Mitteldeutschland GmbH, agilis Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG, Bayrische Regiobahn GmbH (BRB), DB Regio AG, DB Fernverkehr AG, DB RegioNetz Verkehrs-GmbH Erzgebirgsbahn, DB Regio Netz Verkehrs-GmbH Kurhessenbahn, DB RegioNetz Verkehrs-GmbH SüdostBayernBahn, DB RegioNetz Verkehrs-GmbH Westfrankenbahn, Eurobahn – Keolis, HLB Hessenbahn GmbH (Südhessen-Untermain rail network only), National Express Rail GmbH (NEX), NordWestBahn GmbH (NWB) – (the following rail networks only: Ostwestfalen, Niers-Rhein-Emscher (RB 31 and RB 36 trains only), NordBahn, RheinRuhrBahn (nur Linien RE 14; RB 31, RB 36; RE 44), Weser-Ems and Regio-S-Bahn), SNCF Voyages Deutschland GmbH (Eurostar International), Start GmbH - Taunusnetz, SWEG (Freiburg – Elzach and Freiburg – Münstertal routes only), trans regio Deutsche Regionalbahn GmbH, TRI Train Rental GmbH, VIAS Rail GmbH (nur RE 19, RB 35 und S 7), WestfalenBahn GmbH, S-Bahn Dresden, S-Bahn Hamburg, S-Bahn Magdeburg, S-Bahn Mitteldeutschland, S-Bahn München, S-Bahn Rhein-Main, S-Bahn Rhein-Neckar, S-Bahn Rhein-Rhur, S-Bahn Rostock and S-Bahn Stuttgart

If you have lost your item on another train, please contact the respective rail company.

For the finder

According to Section 978 (1) of the German Civil Code (Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch BGB), the finder is obliged to hand over the found item without delay.

If you have found an item on the train or in the station area, you can hand it in to our staff. It is essential that you also ask our staff to confirm that the item has been handed in.

When an item of lost property is returned to the rightful owner, we are obliged to inform the finder of the owner’s name and address so that the finder can assert their claims for a finder's reward against the owner.

The finder is entitled to a finder's reward according to Section 978 et seq. BGB.
A claim to a finder's reward is subject to the following conditions:

  • The item has a value of at least EUR 50
  • The finder is not an employee of DB AG, or a subsidiary or contracting company thereof
  • The finder has not waived the finder's reward in advance

If the found item cannot be returned to its owner, the finder can claim their finder's reward from DB InfraGO AG following a period of three years after the auction date. The claim to a finder's reward expires six years after the auction date.

The finder's reward is equal to 2.5% of the item’s value if it is worth between EUR 50 and EUR 500, and 1.5% if it is worth more than EUR 500.