Do I have to pay anything when I pick up my item at the lost and found office?

We charge a handling fee for sorting and storing lost property. The amount depends on the method of return (pick-up or postal delivery) and the time the item was stored at the lost & found office.

  • Pick-up from a lost & found office: EUR 5 handling fee
  • Pick-up from the central lost & found office in Wuppertal: EUR 15 handling fee
  • Delivery by post: EUR 20 (including postage and packing)
  • Delivery by post from the central lost & found office:
    EUR 35 (including postage, packing and handling fee of EUR 15)
  • International shipping:
    For international shipping, the postage for the corresponding country will be added to the above postage.
  • Dispatch from the lost & found office by ic:kurier:
    In particularly urgent cases, we can send you your item by ic:kurier. These parcels are dispatched immediately by courier and are delivered to you the next day at the latest, usually the same day. The current ic:kurier rates apply.
  • Free delivery by train:
    This service is provided exclusively at the discretion of the respective railway company for items that are absolutely necessary for the continuation of the journey (e.g. passports, vital medication). In such a case you are required to release us from liability. The corresponding forms are available from our service staff at the station.