ICE Sprinter: The fast and relaxed way to your destination

The ICE Sprinter is our fastest direct connection between major cities and takes you from centre to centre in under 4 hours.

The ICE Sprinter is faster and therefore offers shorter journey times compared to the regular ICE that travels on the same routes. By not stopping at so many stations on the way, it also makes travel even more relaxing for passengers. But travelling with the ICE Sprinter not only means getting to and from work and meetings faster. Passengers can also work, sleep, read or otherwise use their travel time on these connections undisturbed.

Journeys with the ICE Sprinter cost the same as with the regular ICE in the Flexpreis fare class.

ICE Sprinter connections

ICE Sprinter connections are now available on the following routes (in both directions):

  • Berlin - Halle - Erfurt - Frankfurt (min. 5x per day)
  • Berlin / Halle / Erfurt - Nuremberg / Munich (5x per day)
  • Düsseldorf - Stuttgart (min. 4x per day)
  • Frankfurt - Berlin (nonstop 1x per day)
  • Frankfurt - Düsseldorf / Dortmund (up to 10x per day)
  • Frankfurt - Cologne (up to 10x per day)
  • Frankfurt / Mannheim / Karlsruhe - Paris (1x per day)
  • Hamburg / Hanover - Frankfurt (1x per day)
  • Hamburg - Essen / Duisburg / Düsseldorf / Cologne (1x per day)

This Sprinter symbol in the timetable overview lets you easily recognise the particularly fast travel connections when booking on and through other booking channels.