Comfier, greener and better

ICE 4 - The backbone of long-distance transport

The new ICE 4 is the modern and customer-friendly upgrade for German high-speed transport. With its new, efficient drive technology and aerodynamic design, it makes rail transport even more environmentally friendly.

A plethora of new features ensure a high level of customer comfort. These include a modern passenger information system that informs passengers about their journey in real time on a total of six monitors in each carriage. The ICE 4 is also the first ICE to have bicycle spaces, a smart daytime-based lighting system, and the latest wifi and telecommunications technology. The ICE 4’s innovative design has already been awarded two renowned design prizes.

The new seats in the ICE 4 feature backrests that, when adjusted, slide into the seat frame instead of backwards. This prevents the adjustment from disturbing the passenger sitting behind. The ICE 4 offers plenty of space for luggage. The wide luggage racks in each carriage provide sufficient storage space, and allow large and heavy luggage to be stowed even at floor level. Aside from this, there are four wheelchair spaces, two lifts and a tactile guidance system for a high standard of accessibility.

In October 2016, the ICE 4 began trials with two trains before entering regular service in December 2017. In the coming years, the ICE 4 fleet will grow to 137 trains. The train has a unique modular design with 7, 12 and 13 carriages. The twelve-unit trains, which are over 300 metres long with 830 seats, and the thirteen-unit trains, which are 375 metres long with 918 seats, are used on lines with particularly high demand.

Facts, figures and data


7-unit train

12-unit train

13-unit train

Start of operations




Number of trains




Number of carriages

5 intermediate cars, 2 end cars

10 intermediate cars, 2 end cars

11 intermediate cars, 2 end cars

Number of seats




Train length

202 m 

346 m

374 m

Train weight (empty)

389 t

670 t

731 t

Maximum speed

250 km/h

250 km/h

250 km/h

International operation




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