Discover Germany on regional and local trains.

IRE (Interregio-Express), RE (Regional-Express), RB (Regionalbahn) and S-Bahn

What travel on board regional and S-Bahn trains offers you

  • Berlin Hbf - Ebene plus 2

    Interregio-Express (IRE)

    The IRE train is the perfect direct connection. It links regions, but does not stop at all stations. 
  • Regional-Express (RE)

    The RE train provides you with quick local connections to long-distance and S-Bahn services.
  • Bahn mit Windrädern, ET 429 FLIRT als Hanse-Express von Sassnitz nach Rostock

    Regionalbahn (RB)

    The RB train gets you to every destination. It covers regional routes and links cities to their hinterlands.
  • S-Bahn Hamburg


    In cities, S-Bahn trains are the ideal form of transport. These trains provide frequent and regular connections between cities with the surrounding area.
  • ET 442 innen

    Modern train equipment

    On our new trains you will find information about your journey on monitors and comfortable seats with storage facilities for your luggage.