Travel conveniently throughout Germany with just one ticket. The Deutschland-Ticket (D-Ticket for short) lets you travel easily by all means of local public transport from for just 49 euros per month.

The benefits

  • Unlimited travel for just 49 euros per month
  • Valid throughout Germany on all local public transport (not valid in ICE, IC/EC)
  • Cancel monthly
EUR 49

Please note that the Deutschland-Ticket is only available by subscription.

Frequently asked questions

The Deutschlandticket can be used throughout Germany on all local trains such as RB, RE, S-Bahn trains (SPNV) and also on public transport such as buses, trams, subways, etc. (ÖPNV) of the participating state tariffs, transit authorities and transport companies in accordance with the area of validity and their conditions for any number of journeys. This applies regardless of which transport company, transit authority or national tariff is noted on the ticket itself. A Deutschlandticket purchased in Munich, for example, can therefore also be used for journeys in Frankfurt and the surrounding area.

Please note, however, that the Deutschlandticket is generally not valid on trains operated by DB Fernverkehr AG or other long-distance providers such as FlixTrain (e.g. IC, EC, ICE, but also RE of DB Fernverkehr AG). DB Fernverkehr is currently in talks with the federal states and local transport authorities about exceptions on certain sections of the route. The Deutschlandticket can be used before and after a long distance train. However, a separate ticket is then always required for the long-distance route. This has an impact on any passenger rights. If you miss the connecting long distance train, the train connection is not canceled and no refund claims can be made.

Furthermore, the Deutschlandticket is not valid on means of transport that are operated primarily for tourist or historical purposes.

Yes, the Deutschlandticket is available as a subscription with monthly payment.

You can cancel your Deutschlandticket subscription by the 10th of each month to the end of the calendar month. The best way to do this is to use our subscription portal or the "Cancel subscription" function in the DB Navigator below your mobile phone ticket.

From the new version (from 24.1) of DB Navigator, you will only see the mobile phone ticket for the currently valid month. The validity period on the mobile phone ticket is automatically updated at the change of month on the existing ticket. No additional ticket is displayed for the following month.

The message "Tickets up to [date] are already on your device" means that the update for the new month will take place automatically on the first of the month.

There may be a delay before the period is updated in the ticket preview under "Travel". Please open the ticket so that the QR code is visible. The current period is displayed on the ticket. This display is relevant for use and control.

If your mobile phone ticket is no longer displayed, you can add the travelcard again at any time under "Travel" using the travelcard number from your activation email.

Please note: If you order a new travelcard, you will incur additional costs for the new travelcard contract.

If you are travelling with your Deutschland-Ticket and arrive at your destination at least 60 minutes late due to a local train being delayed or cancelled, you are entitled to compensation of EUR 1.50 per case. Please note, however, that compensation amounts below EUR 4 will not be paid out due to a statutory de minimis threshold. However, you can submit several compensation requests together to the Deutsche Bahn passenger rights service centre or the passenger rights department of the rail transport company you use during the term of your Deutschland-Ticket, and receive compensation from them. A maximum of 25% of the value of your Deutschland-Ticket will be compensated.