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The Deutschland-Ticket is here

Travel conveniently throughout Germany with just one ticket. The Deutschland-Ticket (D-Ticket for short) lets you travel easily by all means of local public transport from for just 49 euros per month.

The benefits

    • Unlimited travel for just 49 euros per month
    • Valid throughout Germany on all local public transport (not valid in ICE, IC/EC)
    • Cancel monthly
EUR 49

Please note that the Deutschland-Ticket is only available by subscription.

Frequently asked questions

The Deutschland-Ticket is the successor to the 9-Euro-Ticket, which was offered as a special measure in the summer months of 2022. The 9-Euro-Ticket was introduced by the German government to relieve the burden on people due to the sharp rise in costs for electricity, food, heating and mobility.

It was a great success and also helped the environment by encouraging greater use of public transport. As a result, the Deutschland-Ticket is to be offered as a permanent season ticket as part of the third federal relief package in cooperation between the federal and state governments.

As a flat rate for regional transport, the Deutschland-Ticket simplifies local transport fares by enabling travel across different states and tariff zones. It therefore makes it even easier to switch the car for more environmentally friendly means of transport.

The Deutschland-Ticket will cost 49 euros per month.

Customers can purchase the Deutschland-Ticket via DB sales channels such as and the DB Navigator app, as well as at DB Travel Centres throughout Germany. Many other transport companies will also sell the Deutschland-Ticket in their sales channels.

The Deutschland-Ticket can be used throughout Germany in all regional and local trains. It is also valid for any number of journeys in all means of public transport of the participating regional ticketing systems, transport associations and transport companies according to their area of validity and conditions. This is true regardless of which transport company, association or regional ticketing system is indicated on the ticket. A Deutschland-Ticket purchased in Munich, for example, can therefore also be used for journeys in Frankfurt and the surrounding area.

Please note, however, that the Deutschland-Ticket is not valid on trains operated by DB Fernverkehr AG or other long-distance providers such as FlixTrain (e.g. IC, EC, ICE, as well as RE operated by DB Fernverkehr AG). DB Fernverkehr is currently in talks with the German state governments and authorities about exceptions on certain sections of line.

The Deutschland-Ticket is currently also permitted for long-distance trains (IC, EC, ICE) between Rostock Hbf and Stralsund Hbf.

Furthermore, the Deutschland-Ticket is not valid on means of transport that are operated predominantly for tourist or historical purposes.

No, you can only purchase the Deutschland-Ticket as a subscription.

If you already have a season ticket or job ticket for local transport or your local transport association, your subscription team will inform you about what to do next. 

If necessary, please change your subscription in the subscription portal at Log in with your account and follow the instructions for changing your subscription. 
We will take care of everything else for you and you will automatically receive the Deutschland-Ticket as a mobile phone ticket, or on a chip card if your previous tariff provider offers a chip card system.

Please note that if you change to the Deutschland-Ticket, your previous subscription will automatically be terminated one day before the start of the new Deutschland-Ticket subscription. This also means that any additional benefits of your previous subscription (e.g. regulations on transport, transferability or first class) or contributions from your employer will no longer apply. All other subscriptions, e.g. additional cards, will remain valid. If you no longer need them, please cancel them yourself in the subscription portal.

Children under 6 travel for free. They do not need a ticket. Children aged 6 and over need their own ticket, e.g. their own Deutschland-Ticket. They cannot travel free of charge. 

No, you cannot take any other persons with you on a Deutschland-Ticket. Your fellow passengers need their own ticket.

Any such rights from an existing subscription cannot be transferred to the Deutschland-Ticket.

The Deutschland-Ticket does not include the carriage of dogs that are subject to fees. You cannot purchase a Deutschland-Ticket for a dog that is subject to a fee. You must purchase a valid ticket for dogs for the line you use or the tariff area through which you travel. In addition, the respective regulations of the regional ticketing systems, transport associations and transport companies apply to the carriage of dogs. Please check the rules for the relevant tariff area.

Bicycle transport is subject to the respective tariff regulations of the nationwide ticketing system (Deutschlandtarif), the regional ticketing systems, transport associations and transport companies. If bicycles can be taken along free of charge at the time of travel on the line you use or in the tariff area through which you travel, you can also do so with the Deutschland-Ticket. If a bicycle ticket is required for a tariff area, this also applies to journeys with the Deutschland-Ticket. We have compiled all the relevant information on bicycle transport at (in German) and (in German).
Please also note any periods in which bicycle transport is not allowed in certain regions. Please be considerate towards other passengers. If a high volume of cyclists is expected from the outset, we will provide information about this in the travel information at, and in the DB Navigator and line agent apps. 

It is valid from the first day of each calendar month until 3:00 am on the first day of the following month.

No. The Deutschland-Ticket is only available for second class. 

An upgrade to first class is available in accordance with the tariff conditions of the nationwide ticketing system (Deutschlandtarif) as a single upgrade, or as a monthly upgrade for season tickets, or within the areas of validity of the transport associations and regional ticketing systems in accordance with their conditions. 

An upgrade to first class is available in accordance with the tariff conditions of the nationwide ticketing system (Deutschlandtarif) as a single upgrade, or within the areas of validity of the transport associations and regional ticketing systems in accordance with their conditions. Upgrade tickets are available for single journeys or on a monthly basis.

In principle, this is not possible, as the Deutschlandticket is an offer with a significantly reduced fare in accordance with Section 3 of the Rail Transport Ordinance (EVO). This means that travellers with a Deutschlandticket must always buy a separate ticket to use a long distance train.

In exceptional cases,

  • if a cancellation or train delay affects the last connection of the day with arrival by midnight a delay
  • or cancellation occurs on a train connection with scheduled arrival between 0 a.m. and 5 a.m.
  • and the delay at the destination is at least 60 minutes the use of an ICE or IC/EC train is also possible within the framework of the regulations of §11 Para. 2 of the Railway Traffic Ordinance (EVO).

The following also applies in this case: You must first purchase a separate ticket for the use of ICE or IC/EC trains, the fare for which will then be reimbursed up to an amount of 120 euros as part of the settlement of passenger rights.

If you are travelling with your Deutschland-Ticket and arrive at your destination at least 60 minutes late due to a local train being delayed or cancelled, you are entitled to compensation of EUR 1.50 per case. Please note, however, that compensation amounts below EUR 4 will not be paid out due to a statutory de minimis threshold. However, you can submit several compensation requests together to the Deutsche Bahn passenger rights service centre or the passenger rights department of the rail transport company you use during the term of your Deutschland-Ticket, and receive compensation from them. A maximum of 25% of the value of your Deutschland-Ticket will be compensated.

The Deutschland-Ticket can be used before and after a journey on a long-distance train. However, a separate ticket is always required for the long-distance journey. This may have implications for passenger rights. If you miss the long-distance train you have booked following your journey on a local/regional service, you are not entitled to travel on another train with the same ticket and cannot claim a refund.

Exchanges and refunds of the Deutschland-Ticket are possible free of charge before the first day of validity of the ticket and are excluded thereafter.

You can cancel the Deutschland-Ticket by the 10th of a month to the end of the calendar month.