Stadtpanorama Budapest mit Donau
© Sergii Figurnyi
© Sergii Figurnyi

To Austria and Hungary on the Hungarian night train

Enjoy an overnight train journey to Hungary. Travel from Munich via Salzburg and Vienna to Budapest, or from Berlin via Bratislava to Budapest.


  • Travel on the night train from Munich to Budapest via Salzburg and Vienna
  • Board in the evening and arrive in the morning, enjoying a good night’s sleep while you travel
  • Daily service with air-conditioned seated coaches, couchette coaches and sleepers
From EUR 29.90

Questions and answers

Yes, you need a valid reservation to travel on the Hungarian night train. The seat reservation is included in the ticket price.

You can travel in your own private compartment in a couchette coach. You can book these compartments for up to six people (max. three adults) with breakfast for an all-inclusive price. The number of compartments is limited.

Yes. You can book single berths in couchette coaches, as well as in Triple and Double compartments in sleepers. You will share the sleeper compartment with other passengers (separate compartments for men and women). Compartments in couchette coaches can be occupied by both men and women (mixed occupancy).

No. Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult. Children between the ages of 10 and 14 must present a written declaration of permission from their parents on the train.

No. Dogs are not allowed on MAV-START night trains. Only guide dogs for the blind and severely disabled may be taken along.

Yes. With a BahnCard 25 and 50, you will receive a discount on cross-border services that start or end in Germany.

Holders of a BahnCard 100 also receive a discount. You can only book these offers at a DB Travel Centre, a travel agency with a DB licence or by calling +49 30 2970 (charges depend on provider).