Day ticket for Germany

Flat rate: enjoy any number of journeys in one day on regional services throughout Germany


  • Unlimited travel for one day on regional services throughout Germany
  • Groups of up to five people, ideal for day trips
  • Up to three children between the ages of 6 and 14 travel free of charge
from EUR 46

Frequently asked questions


1 passenger: 
Total price: EUR 46
Price per person: EUR 46

2 passengers:
Total price: EUR 55
Price per person: EUR 27.50

3 passengers:
Total price: EUR 64
Price per person: EUR 21.33

4 passengers:
Total price: EUR 73
Price per person: EUR 18.25

5 passengers:
Total price: EUR 82
Price per person: EUR 16.40

You can book the day ticket for Germany online as a digital ticket and save it as a PDF. To do this, select "Local transport only" as the means of transport in the travel information. You can of course also book the day ticket for Germany at DB ticket machines and with personal support at all DB sales outlets.

The day ticket for Germany lets you travel across the country in second class on all regional trains (RB, IRE, RE) and S-Bahn trains operated by DB and other cooperating railway companies.

You can buy your day ticket for Germany up to six months in advance.

The ticket is valid for second-class travel on all regional trains (RB, IRE, RE) and S-Bahn trains operated by DB and other cooperating railway companies.

Children up to the age of 5 always travel for free, regardless of whether they are your own children. They do not have to be included when determining the number of passengers.

Up to three of your own or other children aged 6 to 14 can be taken along free of charge, regardless of whether the ticket is purchased for one or more people.

To take bicycles with you, you need one all-day bike ticket per bicycle.


This does not apply to routes where special conditions apply that allow holders of DB tickets to transport bicycles for free. Please contact the respective associations and regional units for more information.
If you can fold your bike and pack it easily in the luggage racks at your seat, you can take it with you as free hand luggage.

Yes. Small dogs (up to the size of a domestic cat) can travel free of charge in a transport box. Larger dogs count as passengers and are charged like an adult person.

Please note: If you are travelling with a dog that requires a ticket, enter the German name for dog (Hund) instead of a passenger name when booking.

Yes. You can use your regional day ticket or day ticket for Germany as a low-cost group ticket. Your fellow passengers can join you on the way.

However, the number and identities of the people who travel with you are already determined when you purchase the ticket. You therefore cannot change your travel companions subsequently.
Passengers entered on the ticket must show a valid ID document during ticket inspection to verify their identity.

The regional day ticket or day ticket for Germany are available to individuals and groups who want to travel through a federal state for one day at a low price. You may not resell or give away a used ticket.

That is why a regional day ticket or a day ticket for Germany is only valid if the surnames and first names of all persons travelling are entered on the ticket. Passengers boarding during the journey must enter their surname and first name on the ticket immediately after boarding.

Enter the names as described below:

For tickets purchased at DB travel centres and DB agencies:
The first person writes their name in the designated line on the front side
The passengers write their names on the back

For tickets purchased online and issued as an online ticket:
The names of all passengers must be indicated when booking

For tickets purchased at a DB ticket machine:
All passengers enter their names in the designated lines

For tickets purchased from a cooperating transport company (e.g. on the bus):
All passengers enter their names at a suitable place on the front or back of the ticket

For multi-person tickets, please indicate which person is the main passenger when booking. This person must travel for the entire journey.

No. The regional day tickets, day ticket for Germany and other regional tickets already offer heavily discounted travel. Therefore, no additional discounts are available.

You can find the conditions of carriage and areas of validity for the regional day tickets and other regional offers of the individual federal states under (in German)