Where is the Deutschland-Ticket valid in Germany?

The Deutschland-Ticket can be used throughout Germany in all regional and local trains. It is also valid for any number of journeys in all means of public transport of the participating regional ticketing systems, transport associations and transport companies according to their area of validity and conditions. This is true regardless of which transport company, association or regional ticketing system is indicated on the ticket. A Deutschland-Ticket purchased in Munich, for example, can therefore also be used for journeys in Frankfurt and the surrounding area.

Please note, however, that the Deutschland-Ticket is not valid on trains operated by DB Fernverkehr AG or other long-distance providers such as FlixTrain (e.g. IC, EC, ICE, as well as RE operated by DB Fernverkehr AG). DB Fernverkehr is currently in talks with the German state governments and authorities about exceptions on certain sections of line.

The Deutschland-Ticket is currently also permitted for long-distance trains (IC, EC, ICE) between Rostock Hbf and Stralsund Hbf.

Furthermore, the Deutschland-Ticket is not valid on means of transport that are operated predominantly for tourist or historical purposes.