Seat reservation on long-distance services

Reserve your seat for individual long-distance journeys – the more comfortable way to travel.


  • You can book your favourite seat on many of our services.
  • You can usually book up to 6 months in advance
from 5,20 Euro

Frequently asked questions about seat reservation on long-distance services

Individual reservations
EUR 4.90 in second class
EUR 5.90 for reservation in first class if the ticket is not purchased at the same time
Seat reservation is included with the purchase of a flexible fare first class ticket.

Family reservation
EUR 9.80 in second class
EUR 11.80 for reservation in first class if the ticket is not purchased at the same time

Group reservation
Included in the price of a group ticket (group saver fare)
Reservations for young children are optional and can be booked additionally

The reservations are valid for single journeys including all connecting trains. When reserving a seat on a train with mandatory reservation, seat reservations for connecting trains are not included free of charge.

Children up to the age of 14 travel free of charge when accompanied by a person aged 15 or over – but if they want a guaranteed seat, you must book a reservation for them.

There is a reservation fee of EUR 4.90 per seat in second class and EUR 5.90 in first class. We will automatically offer a family reservation if this is the cheaper option for you.

Free reservation is available for paying first class passengers with a ticket for a specific* long-distance (ICE, IC, EC) train: flexible fares (normal and plus).

* i.e. where you specify which date you will travel and which trains you will take. We can then reserve a seat for you on these trains.