What other luggage items can I take on the train?

In addition to bags, trolleys and suitcases, you can also take the following:

Prams and pushchairs:
For train journeys, we recommend easily foldable models or buggies that are easy to stow away. Some train types have spaces for prams and pushchairs in the family compartment, partly in the newly introduced family areas or in their immediate vicinity.

Lots of families travel during holidays, on weekends or before public holidays. On these days, it can be difficult to take prams and pushchairs on board as there is only limited space available. You should always be able to store your luggage in the luggage compartment, the luggage rack or under the seat. This also applies to prams and pushchairs because aisles and door areas (escape routes) must remain clear, and safety devices such as fire extinguishers must be accessible. 

Folding bicycles, folding pedelecs, small electric vehicles:
Folding bicycles, folding pedelecs and small electric vehicles (e.g. electric scooters, tread scooters, kickboards, etc.) may be carried when folded, provided they can be stowed safely (e.g. in the luggage rack) and do not obstruct or injure other passengers, or damage the carriage.

The long-distance trains on which you may take bicycles are marked accordingly in the arrival and departure timetables, and in our travel information. You will need a long-distance transport bicycle ticket and a storage space reservation. The reservation is free of charge and included in the price of your bicycle ticket.

Storage spaces are generally located in second class carriages. You can also reserve a seat on request. The seat and the storage space will generally be in the same carriage. In certain cases, however, the storage space and the seat may be in two different carriages. Each passenger can only take one bicycle.
Orthopaedic aids:
We will of course transport your orthopaedic aids, such as a wheelchair, rollator or walking frame, free of charge. Different regulations apply in some transport associations.