I already have a subscription or a Jobticket. What should I do if I want the Deutschland-Ticket?

If you already have a season ticket or job ticket for local transport or your local transport association, your subscription team will inform you about what to do next. 

If necessary, please change your subscription in the subscription portal at bahn.de/aboportal Log in with your bahn.de account and follow the instructions for changing your subscription. 
We will take care of everything else for you and you will automatically receive the Deutschland-Ticket as a mobile phone ticket, or on a chip card if your previous tariff provider offers a chip card system.

Please note that if you change to the Deutschland-Ticket, your previous subscription will automatically be terminated one day before the start of the new Deutschland-Ticket subscription. This also means that any additional benefits of your previous subscription (e.g. regulations on transport, transferability or first class) or contributions from your employer will no longer apply. All other subscriptions, e.g. additional cards, will remain valid. If you no longer need them, please cancel them yourself in the subscription portal.