What does "best price finder" mean?

Our best price finder is a function on int.bahn.de and in the DB Navigator app. It provides you with clear and transparent information about the ticket prices that our system finds for a specific connection. You can activate this new function by clicking the "Show best prices" box in the travel information section. After the best price finder has been activated, it displays the connections for the day you have selected, with prices listed in ascending order (if available) and grouped by time period.

Please note:

  • Our system may not show prices for some connections (e.g. certain transport association tickets) in the first step even though these tickets are available on int.bahn.de. Their price may be cheaper than the prices in our best price finder. You can display the price in the next step.
  • We are unable to show fares for tickets that we do not sell.

The connections are all included at the end of the list for information purposes.