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Frequently asked questions from other customers

If your ticket is no longer displayed, you can add it at any time. Simply go to "Travel„ in the app and add the number from your activation email.

Please note: If you order a new Deutschland-Ticket, additional costs will occur.

Yes. However we recommend to be aligned with the respective travel guidelines of the company.

When using it privately, please also make sure that you do buy ticket for private customers.

Yes, you will receive bonus and status points for the BahnCard 100 for business travellers on your BahnBonus account.

If you order a BahnCard Business, you will receive an invoice by e-mail.
If you book a BahnCard Business for a someone else, the person whose name the BahnCard Business is issued to will receive an invoice.

If you book a ticket, you will receive a ticket and an invoice separately by e-mail.
If you book a ticket for someone else, you will receive a booking confirmation and an invoice. The person traveling will receive a ticket.

When paying with a corporate card (e.g. Airplus), the applicable invoice is generated by the corporate card provider.

No, the BahnCard Business is linked to one person and cannot be transferred.

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